Garden Gruntin’

I’m not sure how you garden, but I grunt a lot.  Not because the load is heavy, or I’m having a hard time getting down in the dirt (although that sometimes is the case), my grunts generally come subconsciously while I’m contemplating my next garden move.

Sometimes I’ve gotta get down and dirty to figure it out…sometimes I just have to sit back and ponder, visualize.  But whatever the task…whatever the garden…I’m happy to be doing the grunt work to make it pop.

Through this grunting, I hope to enlighten you with tidbits of garden inspiration, what NOT to do based on my struggles and possibility some general, useless information~

  • Garden Trinkets bringing a little extra character to your space.
  • Getting to the roots of garden matters
  • sometimes It ain’t Garden Science
  • No, YOU do it yourself
  • and Spring is my favorite season but sometimes we gotta discuss the other three.

Thank you for the read and may your gardening journeys be filled with plenty of gruntin!

Happy Planting


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