Friday Favs~Limelight Hydrangeas & Japanese Forest Grass

I started a series two weeks ago called Friday Favs.  It was the first of the series and I forgot to post last Friday…off to a great start here Grunt.

So today..I’m hitting ya with TWO FRIDAY FAVS…..hold onto your seats Grunts.

Limelight Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea contrasts well with the foliage of the Ninebark

Alternative to typical hedges

Hydrangeas make great cut flower bouquets. Photo courtesy of Dayton Nursery

And something new within the last year or so…the Limelight Hydrangea Tree.  Taking the shrub and grafting it to a dwarf tree cultivar.  I’ve got one of these at the front in our front landscape and love it!

Limelight Hydrangea Tree

I like the Limelight Hydrangea because it only reaches roughly 4-5ft tall and wide, the blooms last FOREVER (about 2 months strong) and the overall structure of the shrub is much stronger than the older versions of Hydrangeas.  In my own garden, I’m using the Limelights to create  a little privacy for my patio.

My SECOND FAVORITE is the Japanese Forest Grass.

fall color

What fascinates me about the Japanese Forest Grass is the overflowing nature of its foliage and the blend of fall colors.  The best part?  This spicy grass thrives in the shade!  Who ever said you can’t bring color to the dreary parts of the garden!?!

What’s sprouting in your shade garden?

Happy Planting!

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10 comments on “Friday Favs~Limelight Hydrangeas & Japanese Forest Grass”

  1. Claire Celsi

    Katie: I want to come out with a friend and pick out some stuff! I love hydrangeas! Congrats on your show!

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Thanks Claire!

    So we don’t have most of our plant materials out yet…still a little early yet. But closer to May is when we’ll get the goodies~for sure by May 8th~our open house.

    I can’t wait to get in the garden!

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  4. Georgie

    I love both of these! I especially love the grass! I’m gonna be needind some good shade plants! Does the Jap Forrest grass come back each year?

  5. Katie Ketelsen

    Yes mam Jap Forest comes back every year! I love it! There are about 4 different varieties too! (I’ve got 2 of them 😉

  6. Georgie

    Yay! Sounds awesome! I’m gonna want me some of that!!

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  8. Brandee

    I planted a limelight hydrangea tree this summer and love it. I’m wondering when and how I prune it. Do I leave the blooms on until spring? Just wondering if the heavy Minnesota snow will damage the branches if the blooms are left on until spring?

  9. Katie Ketelsen

    Hey Brandee! I live in central Iowa and leave my blooms on all winter long. I think it adds a little character to an otherwise bleak winter season (as I’m sure you can attest to). Since the blooms themselves dry to a light weight I don’t think they would add additional weight to a heavy snow, injuring the branches. However if you get the itch to trim you can, it won’t hurt the shrub at all.

    Thanks for your comment! Happy Gardening!

  10. Kay

    Katie, can you tell me what those bluish-purple flowers are around the Japanese Forest Grass in your picture? It’s a very pleasing color combination! –Kay

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