Living Wall

Have you seen all the craze?  I have..and I’m stoked about it.

Living Walls

Stroll your eyes over this…and let the imagination begin:

photo courtesy of The Green Head

photo courtesy by Olive Loaf Design

I LOVE the idea of throwing some green up on your walls and wanted to apply the practice to my own landscape…..but in a slightly different manner.

See this shot looking south off my deck? Never mind the crap…but I’m seeing potential.  You probably can’t see it.  And neither did my husband.  But with the power of persuasion and….well…pure stubbornness…

… vision starts to come alive!

This isn’t finished yet.  This is us testing the first prototype.  We went on to make two more.

I’m getting the feeling you’re still frowning, wondering just what the heck I’m trying make Jay create.  He’s still out of the loop too..but that’s the fun part.

And as I mentioned, we’re not finished yet.  But this is going to be awesome…I can just feel it!

The next step is to stain them, install the rain gutters (yes, I said rain gutters), attach them to the railing, put the soil in and plant them….hopefully in the next week or so.

Got any ideas of what I can plant in them?  Or are you still thinking it’s going to look pretty crazy.  You just wait.  You’ll want one..or three yourself!

Happy Planting!


9 comments on “Living Wall”

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  3. Sarah Schwab

    I think that you should espalier some evergreens to the trellis and plant lavendar underneath them. What about a wall of moss, simply but green. Anyway just some thoughts, oh and dont worry I understand where you are headed with this!

  4. Katie Ketelsen

    I LOVE espalier! I’d like to take an apple tree and apply it.

    Thanks for the confirmation on where my mind was headed. As we say..the great minds think alike right chica?

  5. Katie Ketelsen

    Meghan..I’m thinking I’m going to need another one soon! These pockets are great! thanks for the comment!

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