Friday Favs~Bergenia

I fell in love with Bergenia last spring I believe.  And this year, I found one more reason to drool.

This is how my Winterglow Bergenia looked after being buried under 5-6ft of snow for the better half of the winter.


You’ll notice their fall color remained.  And it’s hard to miss the pancaked foliage.  I thought for sure I’d have to cut them back and start all over.  Thankfully I was lazy long enough to see this last week:

The foliage just bounced right back into place.  Didn’t have to do a thing.

Never mind the rough looking foliage…that’s as a result of the long winter.  New growth is already sprouting in good form.

AND! AND! Their buds are almost ready to burst!  They’re packing quite the punch this year.

The real reason I overuse the Bergenia is for it’s awesome fall color…..

Bergenia just setting on its fall color

the large, textured leaves and the petite little stature it retains.  This one is great for the border of any planting bed~AND works the best in the shade!  You can’t beat that.

Have you used Bergenia yet?  Might want to think about it…..just saying.

Happy Planting!


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