Fort Knox~Part II

Last week Jay and I hired our employer TimberPine to help get our Fort Knox off to a good start.  We really wanted large specimen trees that could create the barrier we were craving.  That being said, they were so large that we couldn’t handle them without a machine.  We were blessed to have gotten foreman Leroy Hall and his crew to plant our Autumn Brilliance Serviceberries.

Here’s how TimberPine does it:

A tracked skidloader augers the hole

Omar ensures the hole is dug to the depth of the tree's rootball

Leroy transports the tree from the truck to the hole

Omar looks for guidance from me to ensure he's got the right "face" forward

The crew works the same scenario for the remaining two trees and then return to each to backfill.

And water them in.

A look back at all three trees

And finally, an overview of phase one to our Fort Knox:

Previously I wrote about the initial steps I took to plan out these planting beds.  The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberries will plat a BIG role in Fort Knox.  We chose them for a couple reasons:

  • It reached the ideal height and width (roughly 25ft tall and 15ft wide) that would provide privacy for the patio and deck
  • They have a nice white spring bloom and awesome red/orange fall color
  • AND…frankly we liked them because they already had some growth on them, versus starting at a smaller size.

I’m anxious to start filling in the gaps.  I believe the next insert will be some Flame Grass.  Any other suggestions?

Happy Planting!


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