Living Wall~near a dream’s completion

Remember when my imagination got the best of me and I conned Jay into creating a living wall without even knowing what he was building?  Remember when you all were reading that post and scratching your heads trying to figure out just what I was thinking?

Well looky now……

We finally got the gutters cut (that was an ungodly task) and screwed them into their casings.

I threw in a few herbs to give you an even better visual.

I’m wondering if I should plant them at a slight angle outward versus upright.  What do you think?

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll attach these living wall capsules to the deck

….and let the planting begin!


4 comments on “Living Wall~near a dream’s completion”

  1. rebecca sweet

    Wow. I can’t WAIT to see more of these pictures – you’ve truly built an amazing living wall – I’m so impressed!

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  3. Katie Ketelsen

    Thanks Girl! I really owe a lot to Jay..for doing most of the grunt work. But he did a mighty fine job!

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