So you say you want a path….to where?

Yearly I’ll have customers request pathways during our design consultation.

“Where do you want the path?” I’ll ask.

“From the deck to the patio.” they’ll say.

or “Oh…from the frontyard to the backyard”.

“Really? Do you walk this way quite a bit?” I’ll ask.

“Well…sometimes” they’ll answer.

Here’s my suggestion~wear a tread in the lawn first.

AND THEN install a pathway.

But sometimes you really don’t need a pathway.  Sometimes a pathway dictates where you “think” you need to go…

versus going wherever you want to.

I would much rather choose my path than have it made for me.

Happy Planting…..and tromping through your yard


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10 Responses to So you say you want a path….to where?

  1. Nice work, Ketelsen. Did you create that path in the second to last photo?

  2. Katie Ketelsen says:

    Well..Phil…I actually didn’t install that path. I’m not exactly sure where it leads to….

  3. Nice post!

    I’m thinking I want a path around the house just to make it easy for me to mow around the house :)

    Currently I can’t mow too close around retaining walls and rocks keep spilling accross the small paving border and get sucked up into the mower:( It would be nice if I can just mow and not have to pull out the trimmer!

  4. Katie Ketelsen says:

    Hey Robert~thanks for the comment!

    Mowing is definitely something to be considered when landscaping. A path might work, or creating a planting bed that you can actually mow upto might be an alternative. It depends on your situation.

    Rock that won’t stay put is a nuisance! There are tips to keep the rock in its place, however it’s best to implement prior to rock installation. If you’re interested to learn further, shoot me an email at

    Thanks for the read!

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  6. Georgie says:

    Oooo! Great suggestion! Very practical, yet I wouldn’t have thought of it in that way.

  7. Katie Ketelsen says:

    Thanks for the read Georgie! I’m anxious to get my hands on your jungle!

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