Whatcha Think?

6 comments on “Whatcha Think?”

  1. Drae

    It is missing the Large bridal wreath spirea and mock orange bushes that would have graced the corners.

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Drae!! That’s hilarious! Have you secretly been studying Horticulture? You’re spot on with matching the Bridal Wreath Spirea and Mock Orange with the style and era of this house! Well played!

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  4. Holly

    Hey Katie! I’d like to see flower beds above the retaining wall, something that creeps and hangs over the edge to add interest.

  5. Katie Ketelsen

    Holly, Alexson, and Drae~
    I’ll be spouting off about what I think this house needs..tomorrow at 6pm on Worldwide Amplified. Feel free to bring your 2cents~or any other garden question for that matter!


    Thanks for the read~AND for your input!

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