Talking Veggie Gardening~On Worldwide Amplified

I’m anxious.

I’ve been spouting off now on Worldwide Amplified for four weeks, talking about gardening in a few different realms.  But this Tuesday we’ll be getting down to business.  (Not that I wasn’t talking business before…..but we’ll be getting down the nitty gritty).

Antionette (and hopefully her boyfriend John) is joining me THIS Tuesday evening to talk about the guts and the glory behind her vegetable garden.

Here are a few peeks into what her garden looked all it’s glory:

How’s your garden growing this year?  Do you have questions…? ( I know I do! My garden is NOT growing).  Antoinette has been gardening for years….she’s tried things, tried some things again, and stopped trying some things… you know the drill.

Tune in Tuesday, July 6th at 6pm on Worldwide Amplified where I’ll be picking Antoinette’s brain about everything veggie gardening hoping to steal some secrets.  Bring your questions….we might as well get them all answered at once!

In the meantime…happy planting!


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