Gardening with Ninebarks

I didn’t really like the Ninebarks at first.  I thought their growth characteristics were too…..too waunky if you will.  But…through some constant nudging of  my husband Jay, we now have not 1, not 2 but FOUR Ninebarks.

I believe my issues lie with the Diablo Ninebark, whereas the Summer Wine Ninebark and most recent addition, Center Glow Ninebark show more promise, in my eyes….take a listen…

Please go to my website to see video from garden segment on WHOtv.

Which one is YOUR favorite?

Happy Planting!


p.s. TimberPine is running a sale on Ninebarks through end of July. 15% off their regular retail price!  Give em a call!

2 comments on “Gardening with Ninebarks”

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  2. Sandy Parrill

    We planted Summer Wine this year, having seen it at garden centers and on garden tours, and loved it. Since this is it’s first year here, we have no comment about it yet, but it seems to be growing well. Time will tell! We got it because it is smaller than Diablo, and even tho we saw Centerglow, we decided we liked Summer Wine best.

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