Stopping to Smell the Flowers 07.08.09

Excerpts from my Google reader~it’s like settling down to read a good book that’s never ending, as I always find something inspiring, thought provoking or just plain funny.

I’m not sure how this works….if it’s practical at all….but the concept itself is pretty cool.  Imagine a mobile garden….and it shall appear.

I’ve spoke before about the battle between mulch and rock.  Allow Rhonda to spell it out for you in plain english, advocating mulch for your garden.

Have you ever wondered when the best time is to pull weeds?  Right now you’re thinking…never…there is never a good time to pull weeds as NO ONE wants to pull weeds.  But weeds happen..and there is a better time to pull em….get after it.

And while you’re weeding your garden…take a gander to see how many ladybugs are accompanying you.  If you feel you’re short a few dots…did you know you could order ladybugs online? neither.  I’d be scared they’d die between here and where they are…but’s kinda cool.

Stachy's Hummelo Lamb's Ear

Until next week...Happy Planting!


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