This is great…but I’d add just one thing

This is a great patio…I LOVE the New York Blue flagstone.  I LOVE the natural look the wood brings into the space.  And I LOVE the softness the ferns bring to the upper left pocket.

The only thing…and I truly mean the only thing I would make sure to add to this patio is polymeric sand.  Not only would polymeric sand add a barrier against nasty weeds, but it will stay put whereas regular sand is liable to shift, wiggle out from the cracks.  Wiggling is more of an issue with flagstone when there are such wide gabs between the pieces.

There is a technique to applying polymeric sand….catch the video below.  And lastly, just know that there are different grades of polymeric sand that correlate to what type of materials you’re using for your patio or pathway, make sure to ask questions before purchasing.

Happy Planting…..or Hardscaping…


Polymeric Sand – Prevent Weed Growth By Sakrete
Uploaded by sakrete. – More college and campus videos.

5 comments on “This is great…but I’d add just one thing”

  1. Robert Hidajat

    Cool! Can this polymeric sand thingie help me prevent weed from growing in between my edging bricks once I’ve gotten around to get all the grass out?

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Robert~it could possibly work for you..but you would have to be very careful that you don’t get a lot of sand in your grass….and it might not work against any underground runners…

    Best bet…see if you can get a small sample to try first.

    thanks for the read! and good luck 😉

  3. kerry

    new york blue is cool and looks great when it’s finished also when it’s wet! I built a few patios out of this stone, one I built a copper trellis in the middle..copper really looks sharp with the blue! thanks for the vid.

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