Stopping to smell the flowers 08.12.10

Generally speaking…I have a hard time reading a blog post if it doesn’t have pictures….as if I was a third grader.  I need those eye rests.  However~I’ve recently started following Paige Worthy on twitter and have taken a liking to her (pretty easy to remember).  She’s sassy, tells a great story, and I’m quick to turn every page.

In the garden the Japanese Beetles are killing me!  Killing you and you probably don’t even know it!  (not literally killing you) My garden looks horrible thanks to these beasts!  Eric Liskey from Better Homes and Gardens shares his remedy for this Garden Warfare.

When is the last time you went to the Des Moines Botanical Center?  I applaud Garden Mom and thank her for giving me a Wordless Wednesday glimpse at the garden wonders at the center as I haven’t been in eons!  I mean eons.  Time to plan a trip.

Have a great weekend Grunts.


Blushing Bride Hydrangea

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