Bachman’s Nursery~the Pretties

I recently raved about Bachman’s recent journey into the vintage world.  (what I’d give to live there…in Bachman World)  Here’s a gander into the what makes their garden centers so fun to shop….

I’m currently trying to grow the Ponytail Fern….really trying.

HOT PAPAYA! You may have heard about the latest Coneflower introduction.  I was excited to see such a nice/full bloom.

I flock to Hydrangeas…and it’s no surprise I liken a snapshot of this Pinky Winky Hydrangea tree on standard. Want one!!

Intriging display gardens.

Ginormous succulents!

Can’t handle a super-sized garden?  Get yourself a terrarium with mini garden accessories.

Two things I love here….the arrangement in the birdbath (genius use for an outdated birdbath) and the wooden shelving in the background.

Time to throw out the ol raggedy deer you got from the boxstore, get yourself this natural, carefully crafted garden piece.  How unique would that be?

Speaking of unique…think I could maintain this creature?

Could you?

Have you been to Bachman’s yet?  What’s your favorite part?


5 comments on “Bachman’s Nursery~the Pretties”

  1. Georgie

    Where IS this gorgeous place? I want to go! The bird bath…are the plants planted in it or set in their own individual containers? What a cool place!

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Bachman’s IS really cool! They are based in Minneapolis…this particular store is their corporate site on Lyndale Ave.

    As for the birdbath…those plants are actually planted in there! It’s really easy to do~especially if you have a cracked birdbath.

    thanks for the read Georgie!

  3. Justin

    It’s fun to see Bachman’s stepping up a bit. Back when I lived in the Cities, they were big, but their outdoor section was pretty ho-hum. Glad to see they’re pushing the envelope a little. Suppose they’re feeling a little pressure from Tangletown?

  4. Sarah

    Love this post! That birdbath is a must have and I agree the woods slabs with the rocks is amazing! I love the agave in the planters, do you think those would be troublesome? I used to not like the ponytail fern but that picture puts a new spin on it! NEED THE HOT PAPAYA CONEFLOWER!!!!

  5. Elane

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