Stopping to Smell the Flowers 09.16.2010

Excerpts from my Google reader~it’s like settling down to read a good book that’s never ending, as I always find something inspiring, thought provoking or just plain funny.

I’m loving the way the gal from Frugal Farmhouse Design re-purposed this dresser…with spray paint nonetheless!  Seems so easy!

At first glance of this post I thought who in their right mind would bother to make such a large pizza? I mean by the time you get to the center, the dang thing would be cold!  But once I got past that thought, I noticed Veg Chef Sam managed to plug some local pizzerias.  I’m just not sure which one I’ll go to first!

I hope you have a GREAT weekend! And if you’re free next weekend..and like pie (and willing to run a 5K to get some) swing out to TimberPine and take a trot along our PumpkinFest 5K. (you can walk it too…)

p.s. I’m taking my mom to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN this weekend.  I’m sooo excited! Can’t wait to share with you what goodies I find!

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