Set it now…Plant it later

Mother Nature tapped me on the shoulder last week to remind me that sweatshirt weather has begun and I’d better get cracking on that mound of weeds in the back corner.

Even Riley was tired of looking at it.

Fall is a great time to start a project….yet you don’t necessarily have to finish it…..for a couple reasons:

  • for a DIY berm construction where no machinery is used to compact the soil, settling may occur
  • some plant materials survive better when planted in the spring to get a season’s worth of root growth before winter
  • sometimes, you know the shape of the berm, yet just not sure what you’d like to fill it up with!

All good reasons to just create the foundation and plant it later.  BUT! before you start digging…make sure you call to get utilities located-gas, electric, phone, etc.

And then clear out ALL those weeds.  If the area has been overgrown with weeds for any length of time and you plan on using hardwood mulch, consider laying newspaper down underneath the mulch.

We knew there were two plants that we could install this fall-Bald Cypress and Russian Cypress (same last name, but different families).

The Bald Cypress typically likes wet feet which may lead to us pampering him a bit next year.  But the bronze fall color of both Cypresses is why I like them.

I think next spring we’ll plant some Moudry Grass and Butterfly Bushes….we’ll see…that could change.  Do you have any suggestions??  I’ll take em!

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