Living Walls? Yes Please.

You all know I love living…vertical walls.

So much so I conned my husband into building me one…..or three. But I think I’ve got room for more–there is approximately 2000 square footage of interior real estate just waiting to host some plant life at my house–and I’m game.

Fortunately for my plant-geekdom Bright Green is rolling out with a more residentially-friendly module for me to plaster throughout my home. I love the basic module but add in the wood frame (or metal, re-purposed, get creative) and I’m sold!

Just imagine the possibilities!

That’s all I ask people! Get creative in your spaces–outdoor and indoor!

At last week’s ANLA Management Clinic I learned Bright Green will soon be rolling out with a catch basin attachment for your interior module to capture any water that filters through. They’ve also got watering figured too-the module comes irrigation ready (or they’ll provide you with it) as well as a “watering attachment” if you have a smaller feature.

What I think you’ll find most functional is the ability to grow, vertically, your herbs right next to your stove.  Could you get anymore efficient in the kitchen? I think not.

For more information on where you can get your hands on a Bright Green living wall…contact your local garden center and beg for it! Or contact Bright Green.

Photos courtesy of Bright Green-see more on Facebook!

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  2. Meghan Blum says:

    What unique applications to bring a little life into your home! The texture is a great element too!

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