Hydrangea Bonanza

I’m fairly certain heaven is laced with hydrangeas–at least that’s what my heaven will look like. Want a peek?

I cannot wait until these Limelight Hydrangeas fill in! Their blooms are magnificent and last FOREVER! Little Lime also has my interests peaked–would be perfect specimen for a smaller landscape or focal point.

Let’s not forget Endless Summer Hydrangea–tried and trued miracle plant that brought new life to the hydrangea world. Just a quick tidbit–don’t get too anxious this spring and cut back on your Endless Summer. Pruning could make or break your bloom period so be sure to trim appropriately.

Twist and Shout Hydrangea has yet to “wow” me contrary to other gardeners.  But I’m not giving up–I’ll try to give her a lil extra loving this year.

And finally–the last hydrangea piece of heaven (so far)….

Pinky Winky. Last summer I made this gal work too hard for her water–so that’s why you get only a bloom shot.

Today’s spring teaser has me dreaming of ways to expand my hydrangea collection and thanks to Ball Ornamentals, my wish list is off to a pretty good start. Check out their latest introductions and let me know if you’ve found a favorite!

8 comments on “Hydrangea Bonanza”

  1. Bren

    These are some of my favorite…. thank you for stopping by my blog so I could find my way over to your garden on the web.

  2. Sara

    Awesome post. I have similar feelings about heaven and hydrangeas. Double Delights Freedom looks amazing! Spring till fall and in mixed containers? I like it.

  3. Katie Ketelsen

    Thanks for swinging by Bren! And for posting the cool stuff so I can link to it :)

    Double Delights looks so soft–and elegant! I’ll take three please! :) Thanks for stopping Sara!

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  6. Fede

    I think I have totally mesesd up my vanilla strawberry hydrangea (I have about 30). The branches were to weak to hold the few blooms I got, so I kept cutting them. Now some branches hang down and some do not. I have no idea what to do at this point. Have I totally ruined them?

  7. Alya

    I’am a french mum’s and I love what you do. It’s very beifuatul! thanks you so much for your picture. You give to me a lotS of ideaS. If, one day you going in paris you’re welcome to my house.SAMIA OF PARIS.

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