Local Garden Center Goodness

Occasionally I’m asked

“Where’s the best place to buy plants?”

I thought I’d share with you where I like to peruse for plants…and of course some shopping secrets.

Listed in no particular order….


TimberPine Nursery

Of course I’ll plug you with love for TimberPine Nursery. Say hello to my hubs–Jay–when you go out there.

Nice thing about TimberPine–they try to grow most of their plants to cut down on the freight cost of shipping finished product. {I hope that wasn’t too much industry jargon there–basically means the cost is less}. Where this will really hit your pocket is in the tree department. Good quality trees at a fraction of the cost from other local garden centers.

Secret Tip: If there is something special you’re looking for and don’t see it initially, ask an employee if they have it “in the back-40” or if they can order it.


Loki’s Garden

Formerly known as Heirloom Gardens–now under new ownership, Loki’s brings to the Des Moines area what I’ve been dying to have–the latest plant varieties as well as a few oddball plants you can’t find anywhere else. If you want a landscape nothing like your neighbor’s, head over to Loki’s Garden and talk with Justin Hancock.

Secret Tip: Challenge them to be different and be prepared to be blown away. Proof is in the pictures–on facebook.


Herndon’s Des Moines Seed and Nursery

I bet few of you actually know where Herndon’s is located. And who could blame you–they have no website–no way to know what’s going on. Let me tell you…..the plant selection is wonderful, the quality is phenomenal and the prices show for it.

Secret Tip: I would go in the spring to see all that they have to offer–but hold out until fall for their blow out sale. Unless of course you’re like me–in that you can’t wait–need to have it now!


There you have it–my first round of local garden centers worth perusing! Did I miss you’re favorite? Let me hear it..or hold out for round two!

Happy Planting!


7 comments on “Local Garden Center Goodness”

  1. Sincerely, Jenni

    I love TimberPine! Very close to our house, and we love drooling over all the pretty landscaping ideas, plants and trees.

    I’ve never been to Loki’s Garden, but I drive by it all the time on F90. See the signs for it, but have never stopped. Now I will have to make a point to check it out!

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Oh Jenni you’ll love it! They have such a beautiful setting back off the road with the forest as a backdrop!

  3. Georgie

    I love Loki’s too! It’s a place that’s more than just a ‘garden center’. I want to take a picnic lunch and a good book and spend an afternoon there! Ahh….!

  4. Katie Ketelsen

    Thanks so much for the flyby Shirley! I’ve admired your work as well!

  5. Jennifer Rizzo

    Those look like great garden centers! I wish I lived closer! Thanks so much for your kind words the other day! Jen

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