Get an Extra BOOST with Burpee

Everyone knows vegetables are good for you. Just how good? I can’t answer that, but Burpee can with their BOOST collection showcasing six exclusive, delicious and nutritious vegetables. It’s hard these days to eat a healthy, balanced meal at each sitting, particularly when you don’t know how much goodness that little cherry tomato carries. That’s why I’m intrigued by this line of Burpee veggies that tell you — ‘right on the label’ — just how nutritious they are.



For example: Tomato, Solar Power Hybrid

According to its label, this tomato has ‘more than three times the level of healthy beta-carotene of the average tomato‘. Begging the question, why would you go with an ordinary tomato?

Are you excited yet? No?


Do you eat lettuce? What health-nut doesn’t? Could you see yourself harvesting mixed leafy greens weekly (with sufficient amount of plants and proper management) from your backyard or even apartment balcony? Introducing Burpee’s Healing Hands Mix of Lettuce packed full with ‘20% more lutein and 30% more beta-carotene than the average salad mix‘.

It just seems growing your own {healthy} grub just got a whole lot easier. I’m all about making things easier. This year I’ll be getting a BOOST by chomping down on the Power Pops tomato, Cherry Punch tomato, and the Hot, Sweet Heat Pepper. I’ll let you know how how much healthier I am by the end of the season.

If you’re interested–order your seeds (or plants) now!



2 comments on “Get an Extra BOOST with Burpee”

  1. Katie Ketelsen

    Sorry but no James I don’t believe they are organic–but I’ll ask. HOWEVER! You should check out Baker Heirloom Seeds and SeedSavers Exchange. they have gorgeous, organic relics.

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