If I Lived on an Acreage…I’d Have a Greenhouse Made From Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed windows for a gorgeous, vintage greenhouse.

Generally my style is one filled with reclaimed, rustic, galvanized objects, chippy doors and burlap. It’s only fitting my interior style be reflected in my exterior spaces. It’s a design tip that many forget to follow. If you enjoy eclectic pieces showcased on your fireplace mantel, then take those elements to your outdoor space.

More on topic — I’ve always daydreamed of having a greenhouse, escaping to its warmth in the dead of winter, tending to immature seedlings reaching for the light of the day. It would be my escape.

If you lived on an acreage, what would you have?

6 comments on “If I Lived on an Acreage…I’d Have a Greenhouse Made From Reclaimed Materials”

  1. Kerry

    hey! we did just that, bought an acreage.. I ordered a few hundred trees to plant which will establish my tree farm! After i get the chicken coup done ( it’s going to be the Cadillac of coups will a growing roof and all!) I plan on building a cool rustic looking green house!

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    OMG Kerry I’m soo jealous! Do you have any awesome pictures of your Cadillac of coops?

  3. Kerry

    We’re framing it now..when it’s not raining. Hopefully we’ll have the sides finished by Sunday. We’ll have a big pen area and an access path to the garden for them. The chicks were delivered 3 weeks ago and they’ve grown like weeds on a sunny day! Cant figure out how to post pictures here. help!

  4. Greg Hauenstein

    My wife and I have discussed this at length. At the top of our list: goats. After that, a greenhouse like that is right up my alley.

  5. James Mann

    When my dad retired and they sold the farm they moved into a little house with a small backyard. Must have seemed so confining after farming his entire life. He took up gardening and built his little greenhouse from discarded windows he collect over the years. I loved it and would like to make on just like it.

  6. Katie Ketelsen

    Funny, my husband and I were just discussing this topic. If we were downsize after we retired. I don’t know that I could….

    Thanks for the comment James!

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