Taking Off the Kid-Gloves to Garden with My Kidlet

Every day in the garden with my little man is like a new adventure.

What flower will he bend to smell today?

Landry bending down to smell a daffodil

How much dirt will he swallow today?

Landry tasting dirt

Which flower will be pick for me today?

Landry picking pansies

Which flowers will get over-watered today?

Landry watering

And I love every minute of it (except when he plucks my flower buds — the kid has a keen eye!).  I want him to explore all the garden has to offer with little inhibitions.

I point and say “Flowers” and he says “Mmmmm” as if that’s what flowers say, much like when I say “Lion” he roars.

I ask “Can you see the tree?” He points and says “Tee.”


“Tweet tweet.”

It’s our game. Our time together. My way of teaching and connecting with my son how I know best. Our mommy and son dates are day trips to the garden centers searching for the prettiest plants.

Landry pointing to magnolia flower

He’s already quite the gentleman, insisting on carrying my flowers.

Landry carrying potted gerbera daisy

Demanding to push the wagon filled with cut grasses.

Landry pushing wagon full of cut grasses

Yesterday I asked him to help carry flowers from the front yard to the back. It was a ploy, hoping to keep him in sight and maybe he’d grab the edge of the container I was carrying. When he didn’t come readily, I paused and turned to find him dragging a flat of annuals down our small, sloped sideyard.

Never was I more proud.

I immediately smothered his face with kisses and words of praise.

He’s only 17 months old,  learning about nature and becoming a fine young man all at the same time.

Are you gardening with your kidlets? Let Your Kids Get Dirty via Simple MomIf you’re not sure how or where to start…..I suggest you let them play in the dirt. When I was young, I could barely scrape the dirt from my fingers and my peanut butter and jelly sandwich never tasted better. Let them hold a squiggly worm (we did that last week). Or let them pick out the flowers for your container garden. Anything to peak their interest. Click here for some great suggestions from Simple Mom how to “Let Your Kids Get Dirty.”



4 comments on “Taking Off the Kid-Gloves to Garden with My Kidlet”

  1. Theresa

    Great post! My kids love being outside too and in our garden! Last year, they helped plant seeds in the garden. And each year, I start veggies inside. This year, they helped with that. My daughter will get her fingers dirty and help me weed (wahoo!!). Looks like you are teaching your son well! :~) Happy summer!

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Gosh! I bet you have so much fun in the country! So glad you’re kids are digging along with you — as it should be!

  3. James Mann

    Very cute little guy. He looks a lot like our son Stephen when he was that age. He was born in 1985 so he’s almost all grown up now. Don’t imagine he’ll ever been completely grown up to us. Great having him in the garden early.

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