Fresh-from-the-Garden Bouquet

Fresh-from-the-garden bouquet

My favorite part of the season has begun! I’ve planted various plants over the years hoping to have fresh flower bouquets throughout the whole season. Today I picked my first arrangement from two easy-to-grow perennials and one shrub.

Here is the plant key:

Fresh from the garden bouquet plant ID

A. Peony

What are your favorite flowers for garden-fresh bouquets? If you’re looking to plant now for bouquets next year, here is a great place to start your design.

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2 Responses to Fresh-from-the-Garden Bouquet

  1. Theresa says:

    Those are beautiful Katie! How I’d love to have fresh flowers in my kitchen from my own gardens….flowers are my biggest failure so far….I’ll get there someday! :~)

  2. Katie Ketelsen says:

    Interesting that you should mention how well you do with veggies, but that flowers are your “biggest failure”. For the most part, I’m the complete opposite! ;)

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