Fresh-from-the-Garden Bouquet

Fresh-from-the-garden bouquet

My favorite part of the season has begun! I’ve planted various plants over the years hoping to have fresh flower bouquets throughout the whole season. Today I picked my first arrangement from two easy-to-grow perennials and one shrub.

Here is the plant key:

Fresh from the garden bouquet plant ID

A. Peony

What are your favorite flowers for garden-fresh bouquets? If you’re looking to plant now for bouquets next year, here is a great place to start your design.

2 comments on “Fresh-from-the-Garden Bouquet”

  1. Theresa

    Those are beautiful Katie! How I’d love to have fresh flowers in my kitchen from my own gardens….flowers are my biggest failure so far….I’ll get there someday! :~)

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Interesting that you should mention how well you do with veggies, but that flowers are your “biggest failure”. For the most part, I’m the complete opposite! ;)

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