About the Grunt

I struggle with the “About Me” pages…but in the same breath, I often frequent them when perusing others’ blogs.  So alas….here I am struggling to say just one sentence that might sum me up.

I geek plants.

GardenGrunt.com is where I spew about my obsession with plants…along with other garden trinkets, vintage decor, and landscaping tips where I hope to help clarify your garden jungle.  If you’re struggling with your garden..not sure where to start..where to end..let me know!  I would love to help in any way I can.  

My obsession with plants started as a wee one following in the footsteps of my Grandpa as he built his fresh-cut Christmas tree farm from the ground.  For roughly ten years Green Tree Ridge was successful with small landscape projects and nursery sales…but Grandpa’s legacy was short lived.

Summer of 2002 I spent working on a crew at Bachman’s Landscape Company in Minneapolis…and also fell in love with the city. Words can’t describe the sensation of being alone in the Bachman’s Garden Center, early in the morning as the dew evaporates and the floral scents invade your nostrils.

Spring of 2004 I started at TimberPine Inc as a landscape designer/commercial project manager. My life took on an incredible roller coaster ride–one where I met my husband, Jay, learned the ins and outs of a great landscape company and found my passion for social media.

Today I’m a contributing online Garden Editor for BHG.com along with several other side projects – see those at katieketelsen.com.  And I’m still here…to answer any of those nagging garden questions. Contact me!

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