Living Walls? Yes Please.

You all know I love living…vertical walls.

So much so I conned my husband into building me one…..or three. But I think I’ve got room for more–there is approximately 2000 square footage of interior real estate just waiting to host some plant life at my house–and I’m game.

Fortunately for my plant-geekdom Bright Green is rolling out with a more residentially-friendly module for me to plaster throughout my home. I love the basic module but add in the wood frame (or metal, re-purposed, get creative) and I’m sold!

Just imagine the possibilities!

That’s all I ask people! Get creative in your spaces–outdoor and indoor!

At last week’s ANLA Management Clinic I learned Bright Green will soon be rolling out with a catch basin attachment for your interior module to capture any water that filters through. They’ve also got watering figured too-the module comes irrigation ready (or they’ll provide you with it) as well as a “watering attachment” if you have a smaller feature.

What I think you’ll find most functional is the ability to grow, vertically, your herbs right next to your stove.  Could you get anymore efficient in the kitchen? I think not.

For more information on where you can get your hands on a Bright Green living wall…contact your local garden center and beg for it! Or contact Bright Green.

Photos courtesy of Bright Green-see more on Facebook!

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Sometimes…..change is Good

As the season changes…so too does my lifestyle.  I’m moving on and hopefully up.

Friday was my last day at TimberPine Nursery.  It was bittersweet.

TimberPine was my first real job out of college.  It was where I learned what landscape design was like in the real world.  It’s where I met my husband.  It’s where Katie Ketelsen marinated for the last 7 years.

I am very thankful for TimberPine as they have helped lead me to where I stand today.

The movement to buy fresh buy local will only grow stronger in the years to come and I’m ready to climb on that bandwagon by joining Urban515.  Formerly my efforts with Urban515 can be seen on Twitter, Facebook and occasionally blogging.  I hope to bring you the behind-the-scenes view of the local businesses you may not even know exist.  To learn more about Urban515 and the membership benefits for you as a consumer, please check out their website and if you have any questions, drop me a line at

Staying true to my horticulture roots, I will also be joining the Better Homes and Gardens group working to add content to their website, help bring garden trends and best practices to your inbox and contribute to their Everyday Gardeners blog .

I’m so excited for this new journey.  It too is bittersweet.  Thank you for sticking along with me.


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Set it now…Plant it later

Mother Nature tapped me on the shoulder last week to remind me that sweatshirt weather has begun and I’d better get cracking on that mound of weeds in the back corner.

Even Riley was tired of looking at it.

Fall is a great time to start a project….yet you don’t necessarily have to finish it…..for a couple reasons:

  • for a DIY berm construction where no machinery is used to compact the soil, settling may occur
  • some plant materials survive better when planted in the spring to get a season’s worth of root growth before winter
  • sometimes, you know the shape of the berm, yet just not sure what you’d like to fill it up with!

All good reasons to just create the foundation and plant it later.  BUT! before you start digging…make sure you call to get utilities located-gas, electric, phone, etc.

And then clear out ALL those weeds.  If the area has been overgrown with weeds for any length of time and you plan on using hardwood mulch, consider laying newspaper down underneath the mulch.

We knew there were two plants that we could install this fall-Bald Cypress and Russian Cypress (same last name, but different families).

The Bald Cypress typically likes wet feet which may lead to us pampering him a bit next year.  But the bronze fall color of both Cypresses is why I like them.

I think next spring we’ll plant some Moudry Grass and Butterfly Bushes….we’ll see…that could change.  Do you have any suggestions??  I’ll take em!

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3 Plants Packing a Fall Punch!

If you don’t see the video, please click here

Little Henry Sweetspire is hardy to zone 5.  Here in Iowa it will generally have some winter die back needing to be trimmed around first part of May.  This Sweetspire is a great shrub to fill in any pocket in the landscape, whether it’s in full sun or full shade.

Winter Glow Bergenia is my FAVORITE! I love this little perennial that works in the shade as well as taking a little sun.  If you remember, I mentioned its resilient demeanor this spring, but truly love it for it’s fall color.

And finally, Dogwoods are not usually a shrub that I flock to.  BUT seeing the fall color of the Red Gnome Dogwood, has me changing my mind….just a little bit.

Now is a great time to plant any of these fall kickers! Get on it!


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Stopping to Smell the Flowers 09.16.2010

Excerpts from my Google reader~it’s like settling down to read a good book that’s never ending, as I always find something inspiring, thought provoking or just plain funny.

I’m loving the way the gal from Frugal Farmhouse Design re-purposed this dresser…with spray paint nonetheless!  Seems so easy!

At first glance of this post I thought who in their right mind would bother to make such a large pizza? I mean by the time you get to the center, the dang thing would be cold!  But once I got past that thought, I noticed Veg Chef Sam managed to plug some local pizzerias.  I’m just not sure which one I’ll go to first!

I hope you have a GREAT weekend! And if you’re free next weekend..and like pie (and willing to run a 5K to get some) swing out to TimberPine and take a trot along our PumpkinFest 5K. (you can walk it too…)

p.s. I’m taking my mom to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN this weekend.  I’m sooo excited! Can’t wait to share with you what goodies I find!

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Keeping it Simple

Sometimes the only landscape you need is the American Flag.

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Stopping to Smell the Flowers 09.09.10

Excerpts from my Google reader~it’s like settling down to read a good book that’s never ending, as I always find something inspiring, thought provoking or just plain funny.

Did you know you were suppose to store your outdoor cushions inside during the winter?  I was just going to let them sit as they were…

guess you can’t call me “Suzy Homemaker” as there is actually a proper manner inwhich to care for your outdoor accessories…says Maillardville Manor. Get the soap out!

How cool would it be if you could take your garden with you….wherever you went….on wheels.  Mobile Gardening…a ride into the future.

Speaking of gardening…it’s not too late to get that fall crop of veggies in….not too late for you.  (For me…I’m probably not going to be able to muster the patience) If you’re not sure what to plant…peruse this list of possible fall crops.  Good luck!  And let me know if you decide to grow something scrumptious! (I’ll bring the wine for dinner).

Have a great week!


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I WANT Wednesdays~Greenroof

I came across this cute little Greenroof on my recent trip to Bachman’s Nursery in Minneapolis.

I really want one.  I just need a cute little potting shed to accompany!

I’m loving the contrast between the red and green Sedum.

Have you grown a Greenroof? Is it hard?  I’m worried I might not water it enough (still knowing that Sedum can handle themselves).

I would really like to know if you have any advice on creating…growing…and maintaining a Greenroof….please share!


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Stopping to Smell the Flowers 09.02.2010

Excerpts from my Google reader~it’s like settling down to read a good book that’s never ending, as I always find something inspiring, thought provoking or just plain funny.

I’m really eager for fall weather.  I love fall (hate winter).  If you’re one of the lucky ones that has a Magnolia tree in their is a great craft from Centsation Girl (easy to create) with your fallen Magnolia leaves. Love this.

Speaking of fall…it’s time to start thinking about some killer fall floral arrangements.  I’m loving the golden yellow blast you get from this combo and the slight accent of green that drapes at the base.  Great centerpiece for any table.

If you’re a vintage/antique junkie like I’m becoming..maybe you already know about this great event in September up in Shokopee, MN.  Maybe you don’t….get a load of Junk Bonanza and get September 16th or 17th or 18th on your cali as you need to peruse the hundreds of funky junk vendors participating!  I’m taking my mom!

Have a great week folks!


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Stopping to Smell the Flowers 08.26.10

Excerpts from my Google reader~it’s like settling down to read a good book that’s never ending, as I always find something inspiring, thought provoking or just plain funny.

Not sure if you’ve got the memo yet….but wallpaper is back in baby!  And not like it was in the 80s…it’s soo much cooler today.  Design Sponge highlights on new designs from Hygge & West.

I think this is pure genius.   My Skinny Garden (aka Gina) interviews some of her fellow green-thumbers about their gardens!  It’s interesting to hear the struggles other gardeners go through…and their best advice.  The coolest though….the videos at the end of their gardens~Virtual Garden Tour. Genius.

I really wish Des Monies has something like this…workshops where I could get my hands dirty and learn how to create cool stuff at the same time (maybe I should start something).  Check out this DIY Staghorn Workshop where natural creativity steals the show!

Japanese Forest Grass

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