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Hydrangea Bonanza

I’m fairly certain heaven is laced with hydrangeas–at least that’s what my heaven will look like. Want a peek? I cannot wait until these Limelight Hydrangeas fill in! Their blooms are magnificent and last FOREVER! Little Lime also has my interests peaked–would be perfect specimen for a smaller landscape or focal point. Let’s not forget

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Friday Favs~Limelight Hydrangeas & Japanese Forest Grass

I started a series two weeks ago called Friday Favs. ┬áIt was the first of the series and I forgot to post last Friday…off to a great start here Grunt. So today..I’m hitting ya with TWO FRIDAY FAVS…..hold onto your seats Grunts. Limelight Hydrangea And something new within the last year or so…the Limelight Hydrangea

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